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Are you ready for Redentore?

The Redentore is close to the hearts of Venetian: a tradition that combines the sacred and the profane!
Whatever you will organize for the most charming night in Venice the fun is guaranteed!
On Saturday night, July 20th, the inimitable setting of St. Mark’s Basin hosts a phantasmagorical firework display that lights up the spires, domes and bell towers of the city with a kaleidoscope of colors and reflections.


You can choose different location to see the beautiful fireworks show and enjoy the city lighted up by the colored glints.
Obviously Saint Mark Square is the perfect place where attending the show, actually at least one time in your life, the Best Western Premier Hotel Sant’Elena suggests you to organize with family or friends a boat to see the fireworks from the basin of Saint Mark.

Saint Mark’s Basin during Redentore

During Saturday afternoon numerous small boats usually deck out with balloons, decorations and brightly colored lanterns, being to flock into St Mark’s Bay and the Giudecca Canal. The boats then moor alongside each other and all participants usually enjoy a dinner of traditional Venetian specialities while waiting for the firework display.

The show begins at 11:30pm and lasts until well past midnight for almost one hour of spectacular and colorful exhibition!

The Redentore feast combines a spectacular celebration with a religious theme. As a matter of fact it is a traditional moment that dates back to 1577 for the celebration of the city’s deliverance from a terrible plague. And for the same reason it had been commissioned the construction of Palladio’s “Redentore” (Redeemer) Church.

Thanksgiving bridge from Zattere to Redentore Church

Still today, thanks to the opening of a Thanksgiving Bridge connecting the Zattere to the Church of the Redentore on the island of Giudecca, Venetian piligrims reach the church to live up a candle.
The “Redentore” celebrations include a solemn religious service and procession presided over by the patriarch of the city, and the weekend ends with a series of gondola races, organized as part of the “Voga alla Veneta” rowing season.

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