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Bacari or Markets?

Our path throughout the best “bacari” of Venice carries on… follow us to find out the traditional venetian stop overs and the more charming markets of the city!

Osteria al Timon – Fondamenta degli Ormesini 2754, Cannaregio

Osteria al Timon

Located between Strada Nuova and the Jewish Ghetto, the Osteria Al Timon is one of the most renewed inns in the city. We suggest you to grab your food and glass of wine and walks outside, where you can sit down at the tables that are usually placed by the edge of the water. Sometimes you will also find a boat where you can sit in and enjoy the happy hour by the little canal.

Most of the clients are local and the atmosphere is quite informal and joyous. Their selection of cicchetti is very large, we suggest you to try some delicious small chunks of fresh bread with different toppings.
Bacareto da Lele, Campo dei Tolentini 183, Santa Croce

Bacareto da Lele

Lele’s is may be the smallest osteria in Venice, there are no tables and often there is the line of students and tourists looking for a snack.

It’s a very cheap solution to eat a little sandwich with local products (different type of ham and cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, etc) with an “ombra” of wine (a small glass).

During your tours in Venice you can also discover typical products and gluttonies in the several city markets. Whether you are searching for the freshest products, or just fancy treating yourself to some home-made delicacies, Venice markets offer a fantastic taste of the city, as well as a unique shopping experience!

As a matter of fact Venice daily markets are mostly food markets popular with both tourists and locals alike, where you can buy fresh fruit for a snack or a quick lunch, vegetable, fish, as well as local specialist foodstuffs.

Rialto fruit and vegetable market

Everybody for sure knows the Rialto Fish Market, a popular attraction where you’ll find restaurant chefs and homemakers selecting from an array of freshly-caught fish, crustaceans, and other seafood every morning but Monday. Actually every day, in the same are, you can find also the Rialto fruit and vegetable market. Or in Rio Terà San Leonardo, Cannaregio district, are present colorful fruit and vegetable stands from Monday to Saturday.

Sant’Erasmo violet artichoke

Finally on Mondays do not miss the Venice Farmer’s Market in Santa Marta! It offers the freshest local food produced by 20 local farms. Look out, in season, for white asparagus from Giare, Salt marsh honey, strawberries, Lison di Pramaggiore wine, artisan cheeses and a real delicacy such as the castraure, the first buds of Sant’Erasmo violet artichoke.


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