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Great praises for Isabelle Huppert! Plus a special screening of “Stromboli” by Roberto Rossellini

Ninth day of screenings at the Venice Film Festival. Today opens the competition the much expected “Sinapupunan” (“Thy Womb”) by Brillante Mendoza (from the Philippines): the plot talk about Shaleha who lives in a village on the island of Tawi-Tawi. She is in despair because she cannot have children and decided to find a new wife for her husband Bangas.

Meanwhile, a few days before the end of the kermesse, forecasts are going on like crazy: after the great disappointment of “To The Wonder” by Terrence Malik, seems more and more certain that the ”Leone d’oro” for Best Film will be disputed between Korea (with “Pity” by Kim Ki-duk) and America (with Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master”), but the Venice Film Festival has often surprised us with unexpected twists.

In general, the Italian films were better received than the foreigners ones: just think about Ivano De Matteo’s “The equilibrits” or “It was the son” by Daniele Ciprì that received the most positive critical reviews. Marco Bellocchio’s “Sleeping Beauty”, however, does not seem to have moved the public opinion as it was in the forecast and received a positive but not enthusiastic reception.

Isabelle Huppert, who starred in the Bellocchio’s movie, plays a famous actress withdrew from the scenes to take care of her daughter that lives in a vegetative state, once again proves her greatness.

On the red carpet there are already running rumors of a probable victory as Best Actress for Huppert though, Cho Min-soo, star of “Pity”, has many supporters and her dramatic tour-de-force in Ki-duk’s movie, could be worth the “Coppa Volpi”. For the Korean actress would be the first time, while Isabelle Huppert has already won the prestigious award twice: in 1988 for “Une affaire de femmes” and in 1995 for “The Cérémonies”, both directed by Claude Chabrol.

In the “Venice’s Classics – Restored Movies”, great anticipation for the tonight screening of one of the masterpieces by Roberto Rossellini, “Stromboli”. The film, in addition to its artistic value, is also famous for having given birth to a great love story between the director and the actress Ingrid Bergman that, at the height of her Hollywood career, left everything behind and moved to Italy to start a great artistic and personal collaboration with Rossellini.

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