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Indios discover Venice and Italian pasta …

The Biennale Film Festival ended on 6th September. Many actors and produces plough the famous red carpet of Venice Lido: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Natalie Portman… But our favorite are the five native Brasil indians actors that flew over the ocean to land in Venice for the official worldwide premiere of the film “Birdwatching – La terra degli uomini rossi”.

They have never acted before, but they have been able to explain and represent their situation. The Chilean/Italian director wanted the Guaranì-Kaiowà Indios to highlight the plight of the tribe; the distroing of their lands for biofuels production.

It’s a perfect example of the historical pourpose of the Biennale Film Festival as event that promote the cinema has art and entertainment with the spirit of tolerance and freedom deriving from the intercultural exchange.

The movie gives them the opportunity to come in Italy, taste pasta with ragù (meat sauce), very appreciate from the tribu leader Ambrosio Vilhalva and the yunger members decided to drink pepsi instead of wather. They are used to live in the forest in a completely different ambient so also they are really surprised to see the waves of the see, at first they look at it with tier, than they loved it, Venice and Italian people.

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