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“Who is Peggy?” Collection

Are you looking for a special gift to buy in Venice? Do you want something particular, original and stylish? This new collaction is ideal for you…

The passionate love of art and the original vision of Peggy Guggenheim have inspired the collection of objects and accessories expressely create by the designer of the Benetton Group’s communication research center “Fabrica” for the special occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Foundation. The prestigious new collection of items named “Who is Peggy?” is on sale in the two shops of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice. Moments of her life documented in black and white photographs are the original motive present in the bag silk-screened. Than a series of coloured notebooks with figures which seem to move. Our favorite item is the the elegant ceramic typewriter that could be a sicret container. It remaind the passion of Peggy for letter-writing and it’s a stylish house ornament.

You can find this creative and unique collection at:

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Palazzo Venier dei Leoni

701 Dorsoduro, Venice

About Peggy

Peggy Guggenheim was born in New York on 26 August 1898, interested in culture, art and intellectual activities, had the opportunity in 1921 to travel in Europe. She lived in Paris heart of bohème and American ex-patriate society and in 1937, encouraged by her friend Peggy Waldman, Peggy decided to open an art gallery in London. Than she moved from America to Europe promoting new artists and cultural activities.

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