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News for the 69th Venice Film Festival

Today, in Venice, the film by Korean director Kim Ki-duk won the attention of all, audiences and critics. Yesterday evening, during the press preview, the movie had caused strong reactions. It is a gangster movie where a ruthless debt collector working on behalf of lenders, do not hesitate to inflict pain and malice to many people. Things change when, suddenly, he was presented in front of a woman who claims to be his mother…

Also in Venice today Marco Bellocchio’s “Sleeping Beauty”, loosely based on the events of Eluana Englaro and Leonardo di Costanzo’s “Interval”, his first movie.

Finally, for the teenagers’ delight, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez: the two actresses abandoned the innocent Disney’s clothes to appear in a classic American comedy with a couple of high erotic scenes.

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