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The hidden Islands of Venice

The Best Western Premier Hotel Sant’Elena suggests you a far cry classical tourist routes of Venice, away from the noise and crowds.

A part from some lovely hidden itineraries in the top part of the city, that you can easily reach from the hotel, as the Arsenal, Murano, Burano or Castello, there are other islands in the Venetian Lagoon where you can escape from the most crowded streets.

The islands that we are going to suggest you are mainly visited by locals and they still preserve the unique life style that characterized the city of fisherman, merchant and farmers.

So, let’s discover these hidden Venetian treasures!

Our first destination is the Island of Sant’Erasmo.
From Sant’Elena Hotel you should take the vaporetto line n. 4.1 and get off at Fondamenta Nuova, or if you prefer you can reach it by foot. Then, take line number 13 which would take you directly to Sant’ Erasmo. During the journey you will pass in front of San Michele Island (the cemetery of Venice) and in front of Murano and finally you will arrive to Sant’Erasmo.

Sant’Erasmo Island


Sant’Erasmo is the biggest island of the Venetian Lagoon, after Venice, and it’s a long strip of land running from the south-west to the north-east. The island has always been used as a garden and a growing patch, as a matter of fact it is known as Murano’s vegetable garden. All around the island you can see grapevines and artichoke fields, the famous Venetian “castraure” (young, slightly bitter spring artichokes).
The island was also Venice’s defensive bulwark for its strategic position. The Torre Massimiliana, the tower of an old fort built by Napoleon, used to be a military structure for controlling the entrance to the lagoon and it has recently been restored, part of a project that aims to reconstruct the complex system (embankments, docks, beach and farmlands).

The Tower dominates the small beach, where the local Venetians go for sunbathing and swimming and where you can enjoy a pleasant and peaceful outgoing.
If you want to have a rest and drink a glass of Sant’Erasmo’s wine, you should stop at Bar dei tedeschi where you can eat a simple meal too, overlooking the lagoon; while walking towards the northern part of the island, you will overlook over Punta Sabbioni and the open sea.
In the middle part of the Island you will find the Church of Sant’Erasmo, where inside the Martirio di Sant’Erasmo, of the school of Tintoretto is preserved.
During the summer period you can also visit the island by bike thanks to the rental service of the Lato Azzurro Cooperative, on the way to the tower.

Visit Sant’Erasmo by bike!


Visit Sant’Erasmo Island, definitely not the Venice you have thought to see!
And if you don’t want to move from Venice Island you can taste a little bit of Sant’Erasmo’s soul going to San Giobbe!

Every Fridays (from 5.45pm to 8pm) a boat docks at San Giobbe, where a lot of local people is waiting its arrival for buy the fresh vegetables coming from Sant’Erasmo Island. The new concept of slow food in Venice!

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