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Summer festivals: discover the soul of traditions!

During summer period Venice is liven up by several countryside festivals, each one dedicated to the saint patron of the neighborhood or of the church of the zone.

Everyone has its own reason to celebrate and to cook, and eat, traditional dishes!

These festivals are very particular and typical, you can enjoy fresh meals outdoor and live shows and spend a very pleasant summer evening in some of the best frameworks of Venice.

Local people organize their own countryside festival with passion and with zest to live all together (residents, foreign and tourists) a week full of concerts, exhibitions, food and joy!
For kids it is usually a special event in which they are free to play in the campo (square) with friends and other children.

From Saturday, June 22nd till Sunday, June 30th the Sestiere of Castello is going to promote a rich program of activities, concerts, shows, stands and much more to celebrate Saint Peter of Castello.

The Saint Pietro Festival is in the same area of the Best Western Premier Hotel Sant’Elena, and thanks to the wide and green spaces, it becomes an amazing event to experience during your stay in Venice.

Also children can find a very pleasant atmosphere and particular activities are organized, as plays and music.

Do not miss to taste the special dishes offered by the main gastronomic stand at a very cheap cost. You can try the best traditional Venetian foods, as mixed seafood fry-up (fritto misto), spare ribs (costicine), sausages, cornmeal mush (polenta), pasta and beans (pasta e fagioi), spaghetti with shellfish, French fries and much more! The stand will be open from June 26th to 30th from 7pm. Follow the line and once you grab your dinner, sit down on the equipped area and enjoy the food, cooked by residents.

There are no better way to experience the real Venice!

Saturday June 29th you can attend at the main events, the traditional regatta of Marie on “mascarete boat” at 4pm and the regatta of Saint Peter on “sandal boat” at 5pm.
During all the period of the festival are organized special tour to the Saint Peter Church, photographic exhibitions and every evening it will be scheduled a concert of different kind of music.
Live the Venice of Venetians!

Other important summer festivals are:
Festa della Madonna della Marina in Malamocco (Lido of Venice) from July 5th till 14th
Festa di San Giacomo da l’Orio (Santa Croce District) usually around mid-July
Festa di Santo Stefano Portosecco in Pellestrina usually in August
Festa del Mosto di Sant’Erasmo, the first Sunday in October in Sant’Erasmo Island

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