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The another side of the 55th Biennale: collateral events!

The Encyclopedic Palace

Thinking Biennale, is displayed the promenade that connects Saint Mark Square to the Giardini, passing through Riva degli Schiavoni and Riva dei Sette Martiri. Or the broad Garibaldi’s boulevard leading us to the striking and imposing Arsenale’s building. Two venues in which the 88 participating nations tell their point of view on contemporary art and on the theme proposed by the curator, Massimiliano Gioni: The Encyclopedic Palace.


The Biennale will end on November 24th so don’t lose time and book your stay in Venice!

We suggest you also to visit “The Another Biennale”, because Biennale is not completed with the only visit of the Giardini and the Arsenale. All around Venice is on stage the contemporary art: collateral events related to the exhibition, and others who choose to open simultaneously with the main event. A juxtaposition of openings,  previews and conferences that are going to liven up the city, out of the circuit’s classic stages.

The Biennale as an urban phenomenon, this is the purpose of the 55th International Art Exhibition’s President. The 48 events offer a wide range of contributions and participations that enrich voices’ pluralism that characterizes the Venice’s exhibition.

Here you can find a road map of titles not to be overlooked!

Collateral Events Map


You just need to clear some space on your planner and extend your cultural itinerary!








This year, in a peaceful war by shooting art stars, to be talked about is Zuecca Project Space, a new non-profit cultural platform in collaboration with Lisson Gallery, that presents the only solo in 2013 of the artist, designer and Chinese activist Ai Weiwei.

Weiwei, in addition to exhibiting a work within the collective sets up in the Germany Pavilion, he is going to be present at the Complesso delle Zitelle and at the church of Sant’Antonin with the exhibition Disposition, that is going to present only new works by the artist.

In the Complesso delle Zitelle, Ai Weiwei will present Straight, the first project developed using the long steel reinforcing bars recuperated from the schools which collapsed during the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. This work, a version of which was first presented at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C. in 2012, is here installed in a larger scale at Zuecca Project Space.

Ai Weiwei is known internationally for his work reflecting present-day China and his concern with human rights and freedom of expression. This large scale and site-specific presentation for the 55th International Art Exhibition, presents us with an immediate sense of the drama of an event which underlines the contradictory development of contemporary China.

While in the Church of Sant’Antonin will be exhibit a site specific project focused on commercial relationships between Venice and China.

Curated by Maurizio Bortolotti, the exhibition will be opened from May 29th to September 15th.

Zuecca Project Space/Complesso delle Zitelle, Giudecca 32 (Fondamenta delle Zitelle)

Chiesa di Sant’Antonin, Castello (Salizada Sant’Antonin)

Back 2 back to Biennale – Free Expresison

Back 2 Back to Biennale

An unusual event for Biennale, which upsets the classical concept of exhibition with a dynamic presentations of works created by several writer crews. For the first time this artistic movement is protagonists of a Biennale’s collateral event, as a phenomenal that has theorized and explained the many and different manners of self-expression.

The Back to Back to Biennale project is a cultural event, which from a certain collective and generation-wise point of view is characterized by performances that the artists deliver, with no filter whatsoever from a Curator or a thematic point of view, there is freedom of expression, as the subtitle claims.

Campo Sant’Agnese and Campo Santo Stefano are the locations for the artistic performances, while Ca’ Bonvicini is the main venue, where the works are going to be exhibited.

From June 1st to November 24th.

Campo Sant’Angese, Dorsoduro, Campo Santo Stefano e Ca’ Bonvicini, Santa Croce 2161

Bart Dorsa – Katya


Russia has always strongly been present in the Biennale’s history with collateral events and pavilion’s exhibitions. For the 55th Edition we suggest you an exhibition organized by the Modern Art museum of Moscow that presents the solo of the American artist Bart Dorsa, titled “Katya”.

Katya is an exhibition of collodion and silver glass photographic plates and bronze sculpture presented in a specifically organized dark space. The project delivers an intimate story of a Russian girl discovered in Moscow by the American artist. Katya’s journey from strict Orthodox monastic life, where she spent 10 years from the age of 3 to 13, to the Moscow underground is chronicled on her skin, face and body.

Her form has been imprinted on glass and in bronze sculpture to describe Katya’s journey and the archetype of mythic crossroads, which is a primary theme of Dorsa’s work. The exhibition is as much a penetrating psychological portrait of Katya, as a self-portrait of the artist.

May 29th – September 15th

Dorsoduro 417 (Fondamenta delle Zattere)

Passage to History: 20 Years of La Biennale di Venezia and Chinese Contemporary Art

Passage to History. Wang Guangyi

2013 marks the twentieth anniversary of the participation of Chinese contemporary artists to the International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia; it also marks twenty years of economic, cultural and artistic exchange between China and the West.

The exhibition is a tribute to the last 20 years developed by the Italian critic Achille Bonito Oliva and the Chinese art historian Lu Peng.  Through this time period there is a recorded change in accepted attitudes toward Chinese culture and its international identity in the Western world, as well as toward China’s contribution to contemporary art, particularly in painting. The theme of exhibition, passage to history, derives from this? Actually, we can clearly see that it was the combined efforts of Chinese contemporary artists and critics at home and abroad, as well as those Western curators with a passion for art that made this precious period of Chinese contemporary art history possible.

June 1st – November 24th

Arsenale Nord, Nappa 89

In Grimani. Ritsue Mishima Glass Works

In Grimani. Ritsue Mishima Glass Works

The exhibition will be hosted in Grimani Palace and it will be a unique event that originally matches Japanese and Italian culture.

In Grimani. Ritsue Mishima Glass Works is the first contemporary art exhibition created for the rooms of a museum, which used to be the former residence of a powerful sixteenth-century Venetian family. The glass works by Ritsue Mishima are the brainchild of long periods spent into the palace.

The artist, who has been living in Venice since 1989, expresses herself using the ancient craft culture of the furnace and Murano glass masters give shape to her ideas, as witnessed by the pictures taken by Rinko Kawauchi, to whom a room has been dedicated, allowing us to see a poetic vision of the mysteries of glass working and the furnace.

May 30th – September 29th

Palazzo Grimani di Santa Maria Formosa, Castello 4858 (Ruga Giuffa)

Perspectives by John Pawson


Swarovski’s Foundation promotes a singular vision of the artist John Pawson, that reveals a new perspective of the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore.

Perspectives offers the visitor a unique view of the beauty of Andrea Palladio’s architectural masterpiece. The combination of a concave Swarovski crystal meniscus and a larger reflective hemisphere creates a dramatic optical experience that brings new light to the interior of the famous Benedictine basilica.

The Swarovski Foundation’s mission to promote creativity and innovation through working with architects, artists and designers demonstrates its commitment to the artistic community and beyond.

June 1st – November 24th

Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore

Rhizoma (Generation in Waiting)

Arabian Countries do not give up to participate to the event that puts spotlight on contemporary art. They have chosen the suggestive venue of Magazzini del Sale (Salt warehouses) to focus on Arabian art concept.

Edge of Arabia is an independent arts initiative developing the appreciation of contemporary Arab art and culture with a particular focus on Saudi Arabia. Their exhibition for the 55th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia, RHIZOMA (Generation in Waiting), curated by Sara Raza and Ashraf Fayadh, draws its inspiration from a younger generation of Saudi artists, and embraces visual art alongside technology, science and natural philosophy.

Curator Sara Raza explains “Curatorially the exhibition’s title and premise re-appropriates the concept of a rhizome, the underground stem of a plant that shoots roots laterally as opposed to upwards, as a metaphor for the current generation of Saudi Arabia’s thriving art scene.”

May 30th – September 24th

Magazzino del Sale, Dorsoduro 262 (Fondamenta delle Zattere)

Discover, imagine and dream… this is Biennale!

Here you can find the full list of the official collateral events

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