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Venice for kids!

Venice is the best city in the world, some say. But do kids like it?

Walking the whole day in the hot sun tires both parents and children.

And yet, for those who are able to find the right way, this city has plenty of stories to tell – stories that seem to have been written precisely for kids. That’s how your visit to Venice can turn itself into an exciting game.

If you make your way through the “Riva degli Schiavoni” towards the Arsenale, your long walk will be repaid by the Venice Naval History Museum (open till 13.30). Cannons of the XIV century, torpedos of the World War two and old boats reconstructions will drive your imagination and take you far away, dreaming to be somewhere in the sea. Or maybe you will dream to be on the Bucintoro, the queen of all boats, chosen by the Dogi of Venice as ceremony boat during the celebration of the Bridal of The Sea festivity.Leave the Best Western Hotel Sant’Elena in the morning and make for Piazza San Marco (if you take the Vaporetto it’ll take you 5 mis only). From the square look up at the clock tower. What are those two statues doing up there in the flat roof? Are they striking the right hours? Not at all: the Moor on the right, facing the future, strikes the bell two minutes in advance; the Moor on the left, looking at the past, strikes the bell two minutes after. Does it sound strange? Why not going upstairs and seeing it yourself? If you’re at least 6 years old and don’t fear taking the stairs to the fifth floor, hurry up!

How not to mention Murano, the well known isle of glass. A glass master at work is a great attraction for every child. The melting glass, blown as a soap bubble, transforms into a wonderful vase. Parents will find plenty of souvenirs and children will make an unforgettable experience (for more info on the furnaces opened to the public visit , phone: 0415275074).

Venice, of course, is also a city of art. But will art exhibitions and children ever meet together? At the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, every Sunday afternoon at 15.00 the Kids day begins: a visit to the museum and a workshop organized exactly for children from 4 to 10 years old.

photo credit: rachdavies

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