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“Vessel” by O’Donnell & Tuomey at “Common Ground”

Perhaps some of you have recognized the photo we put on Facebook yesterday: it is a work by the O’Donnell & Tuomey: a work of art made of wood, sticks and sculptural forms. “Vessel” is a title with several meanings for this sacred-looking object, which may be many things… a cave, a resting place, a lighting body.

It’s easy to get lost among the many pavilions at the Biennale of Architecture: more than sixty contributions from the main exhibition, “Common Ground”, especially since many of the works are also small independent exhibitions.

So, come with us for a much closer look at some of these works of art.

The first one we’d like to talk about is called “Condensed space”: this work combines the common features of a place like “Common Ground” in a way that creates unique spaces of perception available to the visitors.

A little further on, before entering the Virgin’s Garden, the visitors are invited to cross the contribution by Eduardo Souto de Moura: a pavilion in the open air, three small rooms of sand-colored walls, all lined up along a corridor. Inside, a wide hole in the walls creates a sort of three-dimensional visual system.

The installation by Souto de Moura is only a few steps away from the one by Álvaro Siza: with three walls mutually staggered, this piece forms a frame around some old plane trees by assigning them the role of a work of art!

What are you waiting for? If you want to discover these and even more beautiful works of art “Last Minute Biennale” is the offer for you!

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