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Rudolf Stingel “dresses” Palazzo Grassi

Palazzo Grassi_Hotel Sant'Elena in Venice

For the first time, Palazzo Grassi is devoting the entirety of its space to the work of a single artist. It includes a site-specific installation as well as recent creations and previously unseen paintings.

The exhibition Rudolf Stingel unfolds over the atrium and both upper floors of Palazzo Grassi, a space of over 5,000 square meters. The groundbreaking project spreads over all the rooms of the building, where carpeting based on an oriental rug covers the entire surface of the walls and floors.


The installation is part of Stingel’s artistic research, which has always analysed the relationship between exhibition space and artistic intervention: for the artist the carpet is a medium through which painting relates to its architectural context.

Interested in the redefinition of the meaning of painting and its perception, Stingel places the carpet at the core of his poetics. It bears witness to the passage of time and people and is also a source of inspiration, with its variety of typologies and textures, for successive series of paintings.


The exhibition presents a selection of over thirty paintings focusing the relationship between abstraction and figuration. It also displays the constant fluidity between these two polarities, and how they characterize the artist’s works, inviting visitors to ponder the idea of portrait itself and the concept of appropriation of images.


April 7 – December 31
Palazzo Grassi, Campo San Samuele, waterbus line 1 or 2 (San Samuele stop)

Open from 10am to 7pm (last entrance at 6pm)
Closed on Tuesdays.