Léger 1910 – 1930 | Hotel Sant'Elena
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Léger 1910 – 1930

Léger Exhibition Venice Hotel Sant'Elena

Léger. A vision of the contemporary city. This is the tile of the major exhibition at Museo Correr, from 8th February to 2nd June 2014.

This important event is the first major exhibition about the French artist’s work to be held in Italy and will focus on the theme of the depiction of the contemporary city, presenting over 100 works.

Among other important loans, there is the outstanding work ‘La Ville’ by Fernand Léger, a painting that led the way to the most experimental and Cubist/Futurist experimentation of his production.

The subject of the painting is the city and its frenetic activity, its architecture of Cubo-Futurist assemblages, and its inhabitants: mechanical, almost robotic men, harmoniously integrated into the dynamism of the new “urban machine”.

Léger’s work in this field was truly pioneering both for his multi-disciplinary conception of art and for his striving to change the forms of painting, thereby meeting the demands of the new urban reality, in line with a phenomenon that after the Second World War would be dubbed mass communication.


Correr Museum

from 8th February to 2nd June 2014