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Salvador Dalì in Venice

Salvador Dalì in Venice

An extraordinary exhibition devoted to Salvador Dali, the great and eccentric master of Surrealism, organized by the “Fondazione Ambrosiana for Art and Culture”, with more than one hundred works on display.

Very rare, almost never seen by the public works: graphics illustrating the most important themes of literature world, both contemporary and classical sculptures as well as gold objects.
The Apollonia Diocesan Museum in Venice pays homage to this extraordinary and truly timeless artist with this great retrospective: be enchanted by the sculptures made with "glass paste", realized in collaboration with the "Daum Crystal" French as well as the wide assortment of precious objects made all of gold. This is a unique exhibition of its kind, organized by the President of the Fondazione Ambrosiana Beniamino Levi: if you want to know more about the work of this controversial artist, do not miss the opportunity to go to Venice in order to be among the lucky ones who will have the pleasure of watching this fascinating exhibition.