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Carnevale, la festa di suggestioni

che trasforma Venezia in un mondo magico

La festa del Redentore

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Carnevale di Venezia 2013

Carnevale di Venezia 2013

The streets of Venice ("calli") flooded with color, music and masks: what better time to be in Venice if not the Carnival? Every streets and every corner, even the most hidden of the city, is full of fun and public parades with mysterious and magical masks: no one can remain indifferent to the Carnival, from a Venetian accustomed to this fascinating show, to a tourist admiring the blaze of festivities for the first time.

Venetian masks are known throughout the world and make sure that everyone can become something else: a nineteenth century lady or a clown, a princess or a scary monster!

During the Carnival you can enjoy delicious delicacies such as “chiacchiere” or “galani” (sweet fried and then sprinkled with powdered sugar that have a particular crumbly texture) and “frittelle” (also fried and enriched with cream and raisins): these preparations that can be tasted in any Venetian pastry, are available only during the Carnival and this only serves to make them even more appetizing!

An extensive calendar of events, ranging from music to art and from theater to fashion shows, do nothing but enrich the infinite possibilities in front of which you can choose from in this exciting time of year.

Here's the events not to be missed!

26-27 January 2013
Venetian Festival on the water
Opening of Carnival 2013 with fireworks and performances on the water.

Saturday, February 2, starting from 2.30 p.m.
Traditional "Marie Festival"
The traditional "Procession of Marie"

Sunday, February 3, Piazza San Marco, at 12 p.m.
Flight of the Angel 2013
One of the most anticipated events of the Carnival of Venice

The Best Masked Costume Contest 2013
The most awaited contest of the Carnival, where competitors parade on stage at the Grand Theatre

From February 2nd to February 12, from 8.45 p.m..
The Grand Theatre of St. Mark's Square
Entertainment in St. Mark's Square with music and shows

February 12, from 11.30 p.m.
The silent water parade
A water parade of gondolas and traditional boats that float along the Canal Grande


Events of the 2013 Carnival for children and families

From 2 to 12 February 2013
2013 International Kids' Carnival at the Biennale!
Lights, games, colors, forms, and shows, 5 minutes only from the hotel.

2nd and 9th February 2013
Animated tales for children at Grimani Palace
Animated tales with actors and music, from Italian tales by Italo Calvino.

January 26th, 2nd and 9th February 2013
“St_art”: art for kids!
Workshops and activities for children at the Palazzo Grassi


Here you can view a video of Carnival 2012!

From January 26th to February 12th 2013!