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Carnevale, la festa di suggestioni

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Su e Zo per i Ponti

Su e Zo per i Ponti

April 7th, the traditional footrace comes back in Venice.

Literally ‘Up and Down the Bridges’, this excursion involves all attendees throw a stroll in Venice’s “calli”. It is an orienteering event in which you are given a map and a list of checkpoints to tick off in the city of Venice. Individuals can register at the starting line in Saint Mark Square on the morning of the event, while groups should phone ahead.

Costumes, music and dancing liven up the route. Typical is the presence of folk groups. They give, with their costumes, performances and music a festive and multicultural tone.

The event starts at 8am with the holly Mass in the Saint Mark Basilica. The course departs from Saint Mark Square (near Palazzo Ducale) at 10am.

At 12.30am there will be the folk groups’ parade and the awards ceremony in Saint Mark Square.

A feast and cheerfulness day in the beautiful Venice. Join in everybody!