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GUSTO Biennal of flavor and territory


For four days - from October 26th till 29th - Venice will be a reference point for gastronomic excellence and for those who falls for local and top quality food.





The event is an important showcase for the gastronomic excellence from Italy and abroad and an exhibition for experts, producers, sellers selected for the high gastronomic standards.

The central cores of Gusto are territories and cultural paths identified by typical and high quality products, and it turns to a selected audience interested in tasty and local food.

A journey around taste, describing the Country and its surroundings and identifying places where tradition combines with devotion to the land and its products.

In the location of the Venezia Terminal Passeggeri you can find 9.000 sqm exhibition’s space with organic and biodynamic products, local products, fair trade products, sustainable agriculture, agritourism, Products Certification Body, corporations and associations as well as specialized press.

Gusto will present conferences, professional meetings, tastings and other cultural events on the theme.

Venice, Venezia Terminal Passeggeri with large parking areas. From October 26th till 29th.