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Historical Regatta 2014

Regata Storica 2014

Water is the element that most characterizes Venice and it is no coincidence that the most famous and spectacular festivity in the city takes place on the waters of the Grand Canal: the Historical Regatta, that takes place Sunday 7th September 2014.

This spectacular event is a magnificent historical procession consisting of splendid, elaborately carved boats complete with hundreds odd figures in gorgeous brocade costumes. This ancient tradition is one of the most spectacular, picturesque and moving events of Venetian life, capable of both charming the tourists and exciting the locals.

The Historical Regatta has been awarded of the important title of Italy Heritage, as an event that keeps the folklore of its territory alive, adapting the traditional representation to the changing of time.

Its origins dates back to 1489, to commemorate the welcome given to Caterina Cornaro, wife of the King of Cyprus, after she renounced her throne in favour of Venice. It is a procession of 16th century style boats, with the famous Bucintoro, the boat representing the Serenissima, at its head
Then comes the competition, when the spectators participate with gusto and shouts of encouragement during the sporting events.