Hotel 4 star Venice | Hotel Sant'Elena
Atmosfera intima e accogliente

nella Venezia più autentica

hotel relax venezia
Un ex chiostro immerso nel verde

dove rilassarsi tranquillamente

Un angolo suggestivo di Venezia

che offre scene uniche della vita quitidiana





Romance of Venice at the Hotel Sant'Elena

The BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Sant'Elena was once an original Venetian monastery which today preserves the charming architecture and pleasant tranquility, enclosed in a modern 4 star hotel right in the center of Venice.
Whether you're looking for a comfortable, maybe even for families, or a cozy hotel where you can organize your meetings and events in Venice, our boutique hotel BEST WESTERN PREMIER Sant'Elena is the ideal location to spend a pleasant stay in the lagoon city.
Here, it blends harmoniously with the past in order to create a fresh and relaxing. Minimalist and elegant decor create a modern and contemporary garden enriched by the unexpected.

Who we are

Formerly an original Venetian convent, whose beautiful architecture and pleasant peacefulness have been perfectly preserved, The BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Sant’Elena blends old charm with 4-star modern amenities, right in the heart of Venice.

Hotel History

The history of the island of Sant’Elena originates from an ancient legend, according to which the ship carrying the relics of Saint Helena from Constantinople, upon entering the lagoon, ran aground in shallow waters near the island of Olivolo off the coast of St. Pietro di Castello.

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The inner courtyard, the big windows and the wide spiral staircase, the stylish, contemporary design of the interior, and the skillfully preserved original architecture of the exterior are sure to make an impression.
Vita in hotel sant'elena venezia
The BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Sant'Elena maintains the same name of the island, a green oasis in the heart of the lagoon of Venice. It is located in a peaceful area, ideal for a moment of relaxation and just minutes walk from St. Mark's Square
Visiting Venice with the whole family can be a challenge. The BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Sant’Elena is making it easy for families travelling with children, with a vast array of amenities and comforts specifically designed for guests who prefer a more peaceful and modern location, and an amazing park where kids can run freely.
If you’re considering a hotel in Venice, whether for a long or short vacation, with or without your family and kids, or for a business meeting, the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Sant’Elena is the ideal location for an unforgettable stay in the heart of the lagoon city.