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A Burano i merletti più preziosi

e le case dai colori più vivaci

A Murano il vetro dalle mille forme

creato dai migliori maestri del vetro



Shopping in Venice


Shopping in Venice


Luxury Shopping


The sparkling windows of some of the biggest names of Italian fashion like Armani, Gucci and Valentino can be found in the St. Mark’s Square area along Calle larga XXII Marzo, or along the Mercerie in Rialto. 

The best jewelry stores are located under the porticos in St. Mark’s square, where luxury collections of Italian designers and traditional jewelry items share the sumptuous displays.

Artisan Shops


Venice artisan heritage lives on thanks to the rare gift of skilled Venetian craftsmen who are keeping centuries-old traditions alive. Choices abound:

  • Fabrics, silk and velvets: Venice has always excelled in the art of fabric weaving thanks to the quality and finish of its textiles, which were exported throughout the Mediterranean. Fortuny fabrics are among the most famous in the world, particularly for its patterns based on oriental and renaissance motifs; the Gaggio family carries on a tradition of hand printed velvets with Byzantine and Venetian adornments; Rubelli textiles are now internationally known for the lush brocades.
  • Beads, Murrine and Glass: Many glass laboratories in Murano have an adjoining store that sells vases, murine (glass miniature), glass beads and many more different items.


The island of Murano houses a museum entirely dedicated to this art, the Murano Glass Museum

  • Masks: can be found in every shop on the island, and they come in every shape and color, from the most precious and expensive one in the specialty stores to the cheapest ones sold on the souvenir stalls. The real masterpieces are made in the Laboratorio Artigianale maschere (Artisan masks Laboratory) in Castello.
  • Lace embroidery: The art of lace embroidery started in Venice during the Renaissance and from the very beginning Burano stood out for mastering the practice of needling without fabric support. On the island itself are the best stores with magnificent table cloths, outfits, bed sheets and much more.


Maschere Alberto Sarria
From the most beautiful traditional Venetian Carnival masks to folklore characters.
San Polo 777 - rughetta del Ravano Rialto

La bottega dei Mascareri
Specialties include papier-mâché masks, created with the most rigorous traditional method
San Polo 2720 - calle dei Saoneri

Il Canovaccio
Colorful shop masks, one of the most original and well-known in Venice.
Sestiere Castello 5369/70

Murano Glass

Matteo Seguso
Engraver Art of Murano glass award winner 2012 - Section Moleria
Campiello Pescheria, 3 - 30141 Murano

Cenedese Linea Vetro Murano
Every kind of object created by the best glass masters
Fondamenta dei Vetrai, 68 - Murano 30141 Venezia‎


Burano Lace

Merletti dalla Olga
Lace, tablecloths and much more, all hand embroidered. Piazza Galuppi 105, Burano

Dalla Lidia Merletti
The oldest shop in Burano, sell household linen and tablecloths. Via Galuppi, 215 - 30142 Burano