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Madonna della Salute

Madonna della Salute

If you happen to be in Venice on November 21st you will be the lucky witnesses of a very special event for the city.

Of all the venetian festivities, the “Madonna della Salute” is certainly the less touristy: this celebration recalls, year after year, very strong religious feelings among the Venetians.

The roots of this festivity go back to the terrible plague's wave that hit Venice in the years 1630-31: the Doge, in despair, asked to the Virgin to intercede in order to stop the massacre.

Therefore, the construction of the “Chiesa della Salute” is a real vow to the Virgin by all the Venetians for their deliverance from the plague: the work on its construction began in 1631 and came to an end only 56 years later, in 1687.

Since then, on November 21st of every year, the Venetians pay homage to the “Madonna della Salute” by crossing the bridge from St. Mark to the Church, where many come in order to pray and perpetuate the age-old bond of gratitude that links Venice to the Virgin Mary.

By tradition, the day dedicated to “Madonna della Salute”, the Venetians eat “castradina”, an ancient dish prepared with salted mutton, smoked and cured, used to flavor a tasty soup made with cabbage, onions and wine.

Attending this celebration while you are in Venice will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

Chiesa della Madonna della Salute