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2013 International Kids' Carnival at the Biennale!

2013 International Kids' Carnival at the Biennale!

Lights, games, colors, forms, and shows ... Carnival is special for everybody!
In Venice, however, there is also a Carnival designed for for children fun only: it's the 4th. International Kids' Carnival organized by the Venice Biennale from 2nd to 12th February 2013!
Just five minutes walk from the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Sant 'Elena, every day from 10a.m. to 6p.m., your children can attend many free activities such as shows, creative workshops and the creation of masks and costumes.

An Educational of the Venice Biennale that this year will be called The Musician Leon. Experimentation, tradition and creativity: a project that aims to test the creativity of children and introduce them to the world of art, encouraging a direct involvement.

There will be participation at the international level, including the Netherlands, Belgium (with open pavilions), Germany, Great Britain, Romania, the United States and for the first time Argentina and the Bahamas too.

Do not miss the opening of the 4. Carnival, Saturday, Feb. 2, the exhibition at Ca 'Giustiniani (Portego) 20 Years of Masks and Costumes with the collection of sketches from the Historic Archives of the Contemporary Arts – ASAC.

Here is the schedule of this event:

1. National Participations
2. Live Performance
3. "The Magnificent": young creatives
4. Collaborations with Institutions
5. Mornings for Schools
6. Creative activities for all

Info and reservations

Ph. +39 041 5218 828 - Fax +39 041 5218 732