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Art or Sound

art or sound Fondazione Prada hotel venice

The Fondazione Prada presents the exhibition "Art or Sound" - curated by Germano Celant, as its Venetian Venue of Ca' Corner della Regina till November 3rd, 2014.




The purpose of "Art or Sound" is to analyze the development of a productive and complex dialogue, the relationship between art and sound, iconic aspects of the musical instrument, the role of the artist-musician, and the areas in which the visual arts and music have come together and blurred.

The exhibition aims to emphasize the symmetrical and ambivalent link that exists between works of art and sound object: it offers a reinterpretation of the musical instrument and the way it can become a sculptural-visual entity and back again, in a continual reciprocal relationship of encroachment and inversion, a phenomenon seen since the 17th century.


Art or Sound
Fondazione Prada - Ca' Corner della Regina
Calle de Ca' Corner, Santa Croce 2215 - Venezia
San Stae and Rialto Mercato Stops
Open till November 3rd from 10am to 6pm
Closed on Tuesday