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Carnival of Venice 2014

Carnival of Venice 2014

The awaited appointment of the Carnival of Venice will open on February 15th and it will end on Tuesday, March 4th ! Do not miss it!

This year, it will wait you a fairy-tale and fantasy Carnival! The theme that have been choose for this edition is “Wonder and Fantasy Nature”. All around Venice so you will admire masks inspired to traditional European fairy tales, Arabian and Middle-Eastern short stories as well as the votive symbols of African cultures.

You have only to give the go-ahead to your creativity and let be lured by the Carnival charm!

The city will fill up of colours and masks, the “calli” will become natural setting of costume parades and in the squares – first of all Saint Mark Square – there will be concerts and theatrical representations. A sensorial experience, in the name of entertainment.

For children Carnival is a special moment in which they can dress up and act the part of their preferred characters! Venice offers several events dedicated to them with animation, street theatre show, clowning, music and dance.

And you, have you already chosen you mask?


2014 Carnival highlights:

Saturday 15th February: O pening of the Venetian Festival with a show, Cannaregio

Sunday 16th February: Boat pageant – Grand Canal – Cannaregio

Saturday 22nd February: The traditional "Festa delle Marie"

Sunday 23rd February: Flight of the Angel

Sunday 2nd March: Flight of the Eagle

Tuesday 4th March: Flight of the Lion and Prize Giving Ceremony for the "Maria" of the Carnival 2014

From 22nd February to 4th March: Best Masked Costume contest