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DANCE BIENNALE - Living in the World

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The new edition of the Dance Biennal will start on 2nd May 2013.
Abitare il mondo (Living in the World) - Transmission and Practices” is the title of the three-year program of the new director Virgilio Sieni. The intent is to open to a fundamental reflection on the body, interpreted as man's journey to discover its function.

The activities of the Dance section of la Biennale di Venezia will kick off on 2 May 2013, to conclude on 28, 29 and 30 June with three consecutive days that will see, from morning till night, in two different areas of Venice - San Marco and the Arsenale - the public presentation of short choreographies, all of them new, the result of the different training and creation programs that are the subject of the Biennale College Danza.

Sieni’s new project for the Dance section, titled Abitare il mondo, for 2013 includes a series of training and creation courses on the language of contemporary dance ending in short performances - individual fragments or in the form of a diptych - open to the public in the last three days of June.

Every day, from morning until night, one area of the city of Venice - or polis - will have the starring role, populated with the results of the Biennale College Danza. Each area, with its campi, campielli, courtyards and cloisters, palace halls, theaters and arsenals, will become an articulated system of places, set in relation to the creation process, but also traversed by the public in a pathway that leads from the intimacy of the closed spaces to the choral nature of the open ones, and vice versa.

Getting the merits of the program, Dance Biennale will be divided into five training courses that involve dancers and choreographers with teachers, artists, and different audiences, from children, the elderly and the visually impaired.
In particular, Prima Danza (First dance) will develop some choreography projects, chosen from among the proposals of young choreographers/performers. The program will take place in two stages: from May 2-15 and from June 17-30.
Invenzioni (Inventions) will instead see young dancers working with three choreographers. During the period from June 10-30 each choreographer will develop, through the dancers and with the dancers, a show.
Agorà will be a program led by three choreographers, who will work on “the adjacency of bodies and listening to others in relation to the sites chosen for the final demonstration open to the public.”
Finally Trasmissione (Transmission) will engage five young choreographers/dancers in two compositional programs involving non-professionals: to the dancers there will thus be added kids, and mothers with their children.
With the unique Vita Nova program, the hope is to create a contemporary dance repertoire aimed at the very young, extending the project to the national level via the Regional governments, starting this year from Veneto, Tuscany, and Puglia. 


Characterised as a project open to the community, Abitare il mondo will allow the stranger and the inhabitant, who traverse the areas of the city, to share a common ritual, putting them in close proximity to the sense of the dance.

Abitare il mondo – Transmission and Practices
Final stage with the presentation of the performances: 28, 29, 30 June 2013
Each day will involve a part of the city, through a layout of spaces:
June 28, Arsenale / Castello
June 29, City Center / San Marco
June 30, City Center / San Marco