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The Encyclopedic Palace

Art Biennale_The Encyclopedic Palace_Hotel Sant'Elena Venice

55 editions, 88 nations, more than 150 artists… what are we talking about?

The Hotel Sant’Elena presents you the contemporary art!

With the Last Minute Biennale Offer you will receive 2 complimentary tickets for the 55th International Art Exhibition. Discover the offer’s details.

You have time till November 24th to visit the 55th Art Venice Biennale!

The title chosen by curator Massimiliano Gioni is: Il Palazzo Enciclopedico / The Encyclopedic Palace as a reflection on contemporary artists’ creative pushes. The exhibition is inspired by the idea of Marino Auriti that filed a design to the US Patent office depicting his Palazzo Enciclopedico (The Encyclopedic Palace), an imaginary museum that was meant to house all worldly knowledge, bringing together the greatest discoveries of the human race, from the wheel to the satellite.

What room is left for internal images—for dreams, hallucinations and visions—in an era besieged by external ones? And what is the point of creating an image of the world when the world itself has become increasingly like an image? Those are  the questions that Biennale questions, becoming an exhibition - research, instead of a static one. 

“In this Edition – Paolo Baratta President said - attention has increasingly focused on the intensity of the relationship between the work of art and the viewer who, though shaken by artistic gestures and provocations, ultimately seeks in art the emotion of dialoguing with the work, which should cause that hermeneutical tension, that desire to go beyond what is expected from art.”

Since 1998 the Venice Exhibition has set a dual exhibition model as the permanent standard: the exhibition by national pavilions, each with its own curator and project, along with the International Exhibition by the curator of la Biennale

88 countries are participating in this Biennale, of which 10 are present for the first time: Angola, the Bahamas, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Ivory Coast, the Republic of Kosovo, Kuwait, the Maldives, Paraguay, Tuvalu, and last but not least, the Holy See. The Holy See is participating for the first time with an exhibition in the Sale d'Armi, which are spaces that the Biennale is restoring in order to convert them into permanent pavilions. 

48 Collateral Events will be also promoted by various organizations and exhibited in different venues around the city. They offer a wide range of contributions and participations that enrich the diversity of voices that characterizes the Venice exhibition. A way to spread the 55th Exhibition by turning it into an urban phenomenon, that would engage every corner of the city. For more information on collateral events have a look at our blog.


Our proposal for visiting the “Encyclopedic Palace”

You have time till November 24th to see the Exhibition and booking the Last Minute Biennale Offer you will receive two complimentary tickets for the Biennale! The package includes an exclusive voucher with 30% of reduction on your dinner with à la carte menu at Valentine’s Restaurant.

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The Sant’Elena Hotel, a short walk from the Gardens that hosts the Biennale, it is the perfect accommodation to fully live the icon  event of Venice … to really reveal its hidden soul. 


From 10am to 6pm. Closed on Mondays. (except June 3rd and November 18th, 2013)


Tickets are valid for one entry to each of the two exhibition venues (Giardini and Arsenale) and they can be used also on non-consecutive days.

Full -Special 2days € 30 (pass valid for two consecutive days entry to both venues)

Full -Regular € 25 (valid for one entry to each venue also on non-consecutive days)

Concessionary € 22 (COOP, CTS, ISIC, ITIC, FAI, Touring Club, Cinema Più, Venice Card: Adult/Junior/San Marco, Rolling Venice Card, and Carta Giovani)

Concessionary over 65 yrs., military officers, residents in Venice, with the ticket of the 57th International Festival of Contemporary Music, with the ticket of the 42nd International Theatre Festival and with the season ticket for the 70th Venice International Film Festival € 20

Students € 14 (with current student ID) / Under 26 yrs. (with current ID card)

Formula 2+2 € 50 (2 adults + 2 under 14 yrs.)