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Music Biennale


33 concerts with 3 appointments per day, 81 composers, 40 new works, including 30 world premieres… the 57th International Festival of Contemporary Music will kick-off on October 4th! The festival is organized by La Biennale with a program brought forth by Director Ivan Fedele.


Another voice, another space is the title of the 57th edition of the Festival which opens onto the whole contemporary scene, weaving space and voice – two key elements of the musical thinking from the second half of the 1900s until our days – in countless variations.

The internal life of sound, its articulation in space, the voice vivisectioned like an acoustic instrument, the electronics that constitute the essential instrument of this research are the elements that will be combined in the Festival’s concerts.

Luciano Berio – to whom homage will be paid, at ten years from his passing - and Karlheinz Stockhausen will open the way for the new generations well-represented in the programme – Eric Masters, Daniele Ghisi, Vittorio Montalti, Evis Sammoutis, Kristian Ireland, Chris Swithinbank, Raffaele Grimaldi, Franco Venturini, Ryo Dainobu.

These musicians will be accompanied in many of the concerts by prominent computer studios, from the Ircam to Tempo Reale, fruit of the evolution of the first studies of phonology, source of all experiments and even today a meeting point for many composers.

The festival will present international and Italian ensembles and performers, as well as meeting and conference with some of the most important international music personalities.



The Music Biennale, based on a proposal by Director Ivan Fedele, has attributed to Russian composer Sofija Gubajdulina the Golden Lion for music. The awards ceremony is scheduled for Friday, October 4th at Teatro alle Tese, 8:00pm.




The main venues of concerts are Teatro Piccolo Arsenale and Teatro alle Tese, just few minutes by foot from the BEST WSTERN PREMIER Hotel Sant’Elena.

Download here the full program of concerts.

Music Biennale - from October 4th, till 13th