Napoleone Martinuzzi. Venini 1925 - 1931 | Hotel Sant'Elena
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Napoleone Martinuzzi. Venini 1925 - 1931


The exhibition Napoleone Martinuzzi. Venini 1925–1931, will be hosted on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore till December 1st, 2013.

It is the second exhibition dedicated to the history of the Venini glassware company promoted by Le Stanze del Vetro, a cultural devoted to the study and the promotion of the art of glassmaking in the twentieth century.

Through the analysis and cross-checking of various documentary sources, a comprehensive review was made of the glass objects designed by Napoleone Martinuzzi between 1925 and 1931, when he was the Art Director of Venini. During the period of his collaboration with Paolo Venini, Martinuzzi designed beautiful objects whose shapes are inspired by classical design, but through the use of innovative techniques and of glass paste.

The exhibition Napoleone Martinuzzi. Venini 1925–1931 traces his whole production chronologically: from the elegant transparent blown glass to the works with an unprecedented opaque texture, from the experimentations with pulegoso glass (a semi-opaque or translucent glass with a rough surface due to tiny bubbles that form by using special ingredients) to pieces with intense and compact colours.

There are about 200 works on display, covering the most significant glass production of the ingenious sculptor from Murano. Many of these works were presented at the Venice Biennale between 1926 and 1930. The classical transparent glass pieces were presented, along with a collection of pulegoso glass with an archaic flavour, the striking aquariums together with the brightly coloured velato vases, the cacti together with a colourful bestiary.

Napoleone Martinuzzi. Venini 1925 – 1931” at San Giorgio Maggiore Island till December 1st, 2013